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Going to the casino as a beginner is meant to be wonderful, a little overwhelming, and a lot of fun. Don’t be intimidated though, these tips will help you make sure you have fun from your first trip to a casino on.

Start Online

Learning to play casino games online is a lot better than trying to learn to play on a live gambling floor. Spend some time learning the rules and practice with online games. It’s up to you whether you want to play against a game bot or real players, but it’s usually more fun to play with real players online.

Starting online also makes it easier to keep your head when you’re at the casino for the first time. You’ll already know how to play the games, and you’ll know that you know, so it’ll be easier to relax and just have a good time.

Table Etiquette

Here’s some basic etiquette for when you’re ready to join a gambling table. Following the rules here can make a huge difference in your experience. Some casinos also enforce these rules more strictly, so you may be asked to leave a game if you don’t follow these simple rules.

When to Sit Down

Don’t sit at tables when you aren’t ready to play. Anyone sitting at a table should be in the game. If you’re with a friend and they decide to play a game you don’t want to join, either stand and watch or go find something you want to do.

It’s also important not to sit down in the middle of a hand, or in the case of Blackjack, in the middle of the card shoe. Wait until the round is finished to join, and make it clear that you’re buying into the game.

What Not To Do

When you’re sitting at a game table your main focus should be on the game. Don’t let yourself get distracted by whatever is happening around your table.

Don’t touch any cards but yours unless the dealer specifically tells you you can.

Don’t put any electronics on the table, even face down.

Even though many casinos offer free drinks, it’s also important to make sure you don’t drink too much while you’re playing. Drunk players usually aren’t very good and may even be asked to leave the table.

What To Do

Try to keep up with the other players as much as possible. It’s okay if you need a moment to think but try to make sure you aren’t slowing the whole table down.

Pay close attention to what’s going on.

Remember to be polite and not to talk game strategy at the table. Talking strategy, even hypothetically, might be considered cheating and could force the dealer to ask you to leave.

It’s also important not to show spectators your cards since they can accidentally or intentionally signal the other players about your cards. Showing spectators your cards intentionally could make the dealer ask you to sit out the remainder of the hand.

Understanding House Edge

You’ve probably heard someone say ‘The House Always Wins’ though that isn’t actually true. The truth is that the House will win more than it loses almost all the time. That’s critical because they aren’t in the business of charity.

However, it’s very possible to leave a casino with more than you walked in with, no one will try and stop you if you do.

It’s important to remember that House Edge can’t be beaten, and you’re always going to lose more often than you win. But feel free to have fun while you’re there and don’t be surprised with the occasional winning streak.

Budget For Tipping the Staff

Casino dealers and servers are traditionally tipped staff. You should include a budget for tips when you’re planning to go to a casino. It’s important to remember that you’re more likely to give a lot of small tips than a couple of big tips. Plan for tipping in $1-$5 increments and you’ll be in good hands.

Try a Few Games

Especially the first few times you go to a casino you might not know which games you’ll enjoy most in the casino. Go ahead and try a few different games instead of sticking to just your single favorite game. Plan for a few different games while you’re at the casino, and feel free to move around the casino to see where the fun is.

Watch For New Strategies

One of the things you can do in casinos that’s hard to do online, is that you can learn from other players. Feel free to take a break from actively playing games yourself to watch other players from time to time. Watching more experienced players can be a ton of fun and really helps you learn the game and how it’s played most effectively.

Even though talking about strategy is discouraged on the gambling floor, watching is still a fantastic learning tool.

Take Advantage of Specials and Reward Bonuses

Casinos will often offer some kind of special on the gambling, whether it’s discounted meals, show tickets, or just bigger rewards for the winning players. Those rewards are there to encourage people to play since the casino knows that they’ll typically get a bigger profit when more people are playing and playing longer.

That said, these special offers are still usually a good value and it’s worth taking advantage of them when they are available. Sometimes these rewards are announced ahead of time for special events, but you may also see a casino announcing a special reward on the spur of the moment if they’re trying to drum up activity on the gambling floor.

Expect to Lose

Especially the first time you go to a casino it can be tempting to think that you’ll be the exception to the rule and that you’ll win more money than you lose. It’s possible of course, but you should head into the casino knowing that you’re going to lose money.

In fact, your budget should be money you can afford to lose, not money you need for bills and other expenses.

Expecting to lose will also make those first few wins in the casino all the more exciting. Almost no one loses all the time on their first casino visit, so you’ll probably have a few wins along with the losses. Just expect to lose a little more often than you win.

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